Wednesday, 17 August 2011


    I like to eat all of the food, because I realize that food is very important for our bodies. It can make us healthy. You can imagine if someone who does not have enough food to eat, that person will die. It lets you know how important it is. It provides us with nutrition to live, to work, to enjoy. So the most favorite food that I like is chicken!

     Since I was a child my mother gave me chicken. I like the chicken because is one of the healthiest food in the market. I eat chicken in different ways, like  fried, on the grill or in soup. My mother cooks chicken like three to four times a week but, I don’t get bored of the chicken. In my family there are people who don’t like chicken that is my father.  However; they have to eat it because they don’t have options. When I go to the market I always choose the biggest chicken that I can find. My mother prepares the chicken in barbecue.  Many people prepare the chicken in different ways. I had tried other plates for example the Chinese food. They prepare the chicken very different but, is still delicious for me. I have the chicken farm in my hometown, so  we can ate the chicken so fresh. The chicken that grows up in farms is healthier than the regular chicken we buy from the market. Most people like to eat chicken because is very popular and easy to cook. I like other kinds of food such as the fish and the beef.  I like beef but, I don’t eat it too frequently because is not really suitable with me. The red meat is not so good for my heart however I eat red meat like two times a week. I like to try many kinds of  food but definitely chicken is my first option. I love to go to the restaurant with my friends to eat chicken. For example, every times I go to the MCD, I will order the chicken burger or the fried chicken.

     Chicken is so recommendable for people who are in diet. Probably I will eat chicken for the rest of my life. :))

nyum nyum! :)

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