Wednesday, 17 August 2011


    I like to eat all of the food, because I realize that food is very important for our bodies. It can make us healthy. You can imagine if someone who does not have enough food to eat, that person will die. It lets you know how important it is. It provides us with nutrition to live, to work, to enjoy. So the most favorite food that I like is chicken!

     Since I was a child my mother gave me chicken. I like the chicken because is one of the healthiest food in the market. I eat chicken in different ways, like  fried, on the grill or in soup. My mother cooks chicken like three to four times a week but, I don’t get bored of the chicken. In my family there are people who don’t like chicken that is my father.  However; they have to eat it because they don’t have options. When I go to the market I always choose the biggest chicken that I can find. My mother prepares the chicken in barbecue.  Many people prepare the chicken in different ways. I had tried other plates for example the Chinese food. They prepare the chicken very different but, is still delicious for me. I have the chicken farm in my hometown, so  we can ate the chicken so fresh. The chicken that grows up in farms is healthier than the regular chicken we buy from the market. Most people like to eat chicken because is very popular and easy to cook. I like other kinds of food such as the fish and the beef.  I like beef but, I don’t eat it too frequently because is not really suitable with me. The red meat is not so good for my heart however I eat red meat like two times a week. I like to try many kinds of  food but definitely chicken is my first option. I love to go to the restaurant with my friends to eat chicken. For example, every times I go to the MCD, I will order the chicken burger or the fried chicken.

     Chicken is so recommendable for people who are in diet. Probably I will eat chicken for the rest of my life. :))

nyum nyum! :)

10 facts of azmahWaffle

1) I love azmahWaffle name, but I don't eat waffle

I have been work at Bean Garden for 6 month after finishing the SPM. At Bean Garden, I have to prepared the ingredient for making waffle, kaya ball and also the cone of the ice-cream. Because of that, I feel boring loathe seeing the waffle, kaya or the ice-cream. Because of that, I don't like very much to eat waffle!

2) Addicted to the shawl and hijap fashion.

I have lot of collection of shawls! And most every week, I will buy the new one. I don't know why, I am very addicted the shawls. I also always update the latest style or fashion of shawl and how to wearing it!

3) I don't know how to ride the motorcycle
Ok, you can have a big laugh to me because of this fact! The reasons why I don't know to ride because I think I can't handle the motorcycle that have only two tires! Ok, bye~

4) I love to take my own picture
This is fact! And my friends also notice that. I have a lot of picture of me in my laptop. And it almost 2000-3000 picture. I love to take my own picture because in the future, I will look back and see the different of me year by year. hehe

5) I love to eat
I love very much to eat! And I will stop to eat after I feel tired to eat! Sometimes, I will get the stomach aches, because my stomach can't afford the food that I eat. 

6) I love to painting!
 I love to painting. Because of that, I took paper Pendidikan Seni Visual as additional subject in SPM. And I got A+ for that subject. In the secondary school, I have my own collection of art work. Unfortunately, all the art work have been ruined by my nephews! And now, I don't have any collection of painting. And I did not draw for a long time :(

7) I love kids very much!

Why I like the kids very much is because my mother has two adopted children and take care of four children. My house is very noise with the sound of children crying, laughing and fighting. It seem like the nursery. But now, my house become more silent because the adopted children have back to their real parents and my mother had no care for children again. And now, the house only become noisy when all of my nephew going back to my house. 

8) I am very picky!
I do not like the cramped and dirty places. Therefore, I will ensure the orderly and neat palaces by constantly update the parts. While in doing the assignment,  I will make sure that assignment is in the particular order and complete with all that needs. After I satisfied with the result if the works, then I will print it out. 

9) I am the shortest in my family.
I do not know why my height does not increase after in the form 3. From that time, my height is 155cm and it static until now! I've made all kinds to increase my height, but it still failed. Because of that, my sisters and my litter sister always called "budak terbantut"

10) I'm very sensitive person!
It easy to me to cry, if I can't handle the difficult situations or problems.

Ramadan's Childhood Memory

     Ramadan? Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. The Month of Ramadan is also when it is believed the Al-Quran was sent down from heaven, a guidance unto men, a declaration of direction, and a means of Salvation". It is during this month that Muslims fast. It is called the Fast of Ramadan and lasts the entire month. Ramadan is a time when Muslims concentrate on their faith and spend less time on the concerns of their everyday lives. It is a time of worship and contemplation.

     Talking about the Ramadan's childhood memories.. Yes! There are many memories in the Ramadan especially when I being a childhood. All the memory will make smile, especially when first time be taught to fasting. That time, I was 7 years old. It really tiring me. And sometimes crossed the pessimism to fast. But at that time, my parents promised that they will be giving a gift if I could fast for a month! Hehee. Because of that, it was burning my passion to continue to fast for one month. And as the result, I got three new clothes and two new baju kurung. And presents the most fun was when I got a lot of "duit raya" from my parents! 

     And there is a message from parents that always I remember until now. That is, we fasting for practicing our body and our life to be more patient in future in dealing with various type problems.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Ghost story!

    It happen in the early of this Ramadan. If I not mistaken, it happen in the third day of Ramadan. It happen around 2.45 am. That time only me and other two of my roommate in our room. While my senior not back from the hometown yet. So that night, only three of us in that room.
   That night, we do our own work. Illa, my roommate is watching the Korean movie while Finiey is preoccupied with their Facebook and she other online social network. And me just finishing the assignment that given by lecture. After finishing all the homework, I shut down my laptop and ready to go sleep.
  As usually, before I sleep, I will hear the songs through my phone by using the headphone. Then, I just want to sleep out of bed. Suddenly, I hear someone who are knock my door. The door is knock repeated for the three times without giving the salam. And that times, there is no reaction from my roommates. So, I just wake up and then open the door. That time, I see two beautiful girls who are say, "Adik, nak beli roti impit".  Then, I just shook my head as a sign not want to buy it. After that, I close the door and just go to my bed and continue my sleep.
  The next day, I just continue my life as usual. While waiting the lecture to come to our class, I told the story that happen to me last night with my classmate. And they don't believe at all to my story. They said that, no one who are selling the roti impit in the early of that morning. And maybe it just in my dream! And I don't have any explanation to them. Until now, I don not know who are they? Are they ghosts? But one more thing that I really sure is, the accident is not the dream but it truly happen to me!

Friday, 22 July 2011

me and waffle

Holla. i'm azmahWaffle and i love my name so much :)

Hey everyone!
What are the connection between me and waffle?
hehe, it's nothing. I love my name in facebook, azmahWaffle because from the waffle, it gives me the strengthens, the happiness, and many more. In other words, waffle are my symbols in my life.
Today, I would like to share with the budies a simple waffle recipe by using the waffle maker.

This is how to make waffles with a waffle maker, the fastest and simple recipe. And I'm sure that, the waffle that make it is more delicious and  more crispy.

What do you need:

4 ounces of all purpose flour.
4 ounces of whole wheat flour.
One tablespoon of sugar.
2 teaspoons of baking powder.
Some salt.
3 eggs.
One and half cup of milk.
Some oil vegetable.

And of cause you will need a waffle maker. You can turn it on so it's nice hot and ready when your waffle is done.

There are just 5 easy steps! Let's do it!

1) Put all the dry ingredients in one bowl.
2) Put all the wet ingredient into another bowl and beat them.
3) Pour the wet stuf into  the dry stuff and mix until there are no lumps ( don't over mix it)
4) Take galf cup of batter you made and pour it into the waffle maker. How long should you bake it? Some waffle makers tell you when waffle is done by rings at the waffle maker.
5) And this is how the azmah waffle, upp! waffle only..hehe
    Bon Apetit!

me and Waffle :)

Monday, 27 June 2011

The awesome classmates!

Hey everyone! Have a site and let's know my awesome classmates, JIM 1103F! :)

* The boys

A:  Muhammad Azri

Can called him 'ayie' but for me, I prefer called him Azri. In my view, he is kind and talented person. He loves to take photo with he camera. One more things that I had noticed about Azri is he is 'famous' boy. This is because he is the one who are always busy with the university events. We also called him as 'sweet talker' boy.

B: Muhd Afiq Azme

Afiq, is the mysterious person. We never predict what he will do it and what he is thinking. But one thing that I like about he is he is caliber person. The ways he talking, the ways he wearing, the ways he walk, all of that shows the calibrated of he.

C: Ahmad Syahir Yusoff

Can called him 'Syahir'. Born on 14 April 1992, from Kajang, Selangor. He is low in height among the boys in my class, but he is talented responsible person. Because he is the first person who are brave take the challenges to be the class rep when we are in the part 1.

D: Muhammad Syahfie

Syahfie or 'Pie', is a person who are always crack the joke when we are in the class. He love very much to singing. He is the one of the members in nasyid group in UiTM Segamat. For this semester, he is our class rep. From the ways he manage our class, I can see that he is very responsible and good leader.

E: Muhamad Hakim

The boy comes from Jasin, Melaka, very simple person, sometimes make us laugh when in the class and he is Muhamad Hakim or know as 'Kimmy Fazdil' in the facebook. One more thing interesting about Hakim is he is the person who are love to like and comment when I update the status in Facebook. :)

* The girls

1: Sayang Zuliza

I love called her 'Sayang'. She is very polite and gentle girl. The ways she talking and the ways she walk, it shows that she is 'Malay Girl'. She was born on 4 April 1992 at Batu Pahat. In the class, she very shy and quite person. She only talk when needed, but she is friendly with me and my classmates.

2: Zafeera Aswani

Prefer called her as 'Zafeera', was born on 9 April 1992 and now lives in Malacca. She is quite and don't talk too much when in the class. She is simple person but she had higher in level confident when talked in font of the class. She love to be alone, because I noticed that, she always go alone to everywhere, go to class, go to luch and go to everywhere.

3: Nurfarahin Zuhairi

A girl who are born on 21 June 1992 and now lives in Klang, Selangor. I prefer called her as'Fara Hin'. For this semester, she is my assistant class rep. I think she is quite and shy person, because in the class, she only talked when needed. But when out of the class, I think she has other personality. She is friendly and easily approachable.

4: Fatin Hannah

Prefer called her as 'Hannah', but more know as Hannah Trisha in my class. She is one of the tallest girl in my class. She love to talk, she love to laugh, and sometimes she love to crack the jokes when we hanging together with my friends and her friends. More than that, she is intelligent girl. It nice to know her around 3 semester with Hannah.

5: Farah Syafikha

As I remember, she is the first person in my class that I know and close. In the early of first semester, Farah is very close to me. She always came to my room and hanging together, watching movie, eating 'maggi' together.  And until now, we still close. We always hanging and chatting together. Something unique about Farah is she can speak Chinese with fluently. 

6: Noor Afizah Mohammad

Prefer called her as 'Fiza'. She is the bestfriend of Hannah and Farah. They always together. Fiza was born 21 January 2011 and comes from Johor. She is talkative and sometimes love the crack the joke. She caring and helpful person. I can see that, from the way she treat her friends in her surrounding.

7: Nurfarahin Adnan

A person who are always happy, never see her to sad or in the worse condition. Always make my class in happy mood. She is sociable. Something unique about her is the way she walk, sometimes like penguin. 'LOL'
But it make her more unique and interesting to know deeply.

8: Serena 

In facebook, she more know as 'Aneres Serena'. Seriously, I don't know why. As I know, she mixed. Her father is Indian, her mother is Malaysian. She is quite and humble person. It hard to see her to chatting or hanging in the class. I noticed that, she loves to be alone.

9: Yuslina Md Yassin 

I prefer called her as' Yus'. She was born on 19 June 1992 at Kuala Lumpur and know live in Seremban. As I know, she is 'SHINEE' lovers. SHINEE is the Korean group who are very famous. oh, i think! :) It nice to know Yus, because she is good friend. She can contribute the ideas when we are finishing the group assignment, but sometimes she quite clumsy. 

10: Ana Shazreen

A cute and small girl, who was born  on 24 June 1992 at Malacca. The most interesting about Ana is she have the higher level confident when talk in front of the class. She is talkative among  my classmates. 

11:  Nurul Herdayani

Really know as 'Cik Com'. Was born on 24 March 1992 at Meru, Klang. Very talkative and aggressive girl. Every single things that she would like to do it, will make me and my friends laugh as loud as we can. Yes, she loves to crack the joke when in the class. Because of that, she is person who easy to hanging and chatting.

12: Hanis Syahirah Marzelan

Was born on 10 September 1992. She is sweet and love to smile. But she quited already. It nice to being friend with her.

13: Nur Hafizah

Know as ' Fizah Kahar', is 20 years old.  She was born on 24 January 1992 at Johor. She friendly and loves to smile. She is beautiful. :) Even if she vary one year with me, but we still can be friends with good.

14: Ok, that's me:)

15: Nur Hafini Abas

Again, I will talk about Hafini. She is my roommates, she is my best friend, she is my soul mate. She always behind me when I needed someone to talk, to cry, to laugh, to make me happy. She always be there! Yes, I love her :)

16: Noor Hidayah bt Abd Hamid

Hidayah also my best friend and my soul mate. She is more mature than me and hafini. Because of that, she always reminds us and also advices us to do the good things and left the worse things. She is clever. She always get Dean List in every semester. She is good work partner. and I love her very much! :)

17: Zahirah Ezzaty

Prefer called her as 'along'. She was born on 20 December 1992 and comes from Kuantan, Pahang. She loves to wear baju kurung with her Converse blue shoe.  And sometimes, she dress up like a boy. But she very cool person. It nice to know her.

18: Fatin Azman

Fatin was born on 14 March 1992 and from Kuala Lumpur. She is active girl and talkative girls. She is  childish girl, maybe of that, some of my classmates called her 'BABY'. It was fun to know and being friend with her.

19: Nurul Fetri

Fetri is indepent and cool person. I never see her in the bad or worse condition. She always trying to do the best of her life. She is best friend's of Fizah Kahar and Hanis. Something unique about Fetri is she have twin, that is same campus and same course with her, but her twin is in part 2.

20: Haifaa

Haifaa is a very quite person. She only talked when needed. She loves to be alone. For the first time, I will cooperate with her for CTU264 assignment. The first view of her is she clever and she is good work partner.

21: Nurul Fazlin

The way she walk and the ways she dress, shows me that she can be the good teacher. No wonder, me and my friends called her 'CIKGU FAZLIN'. She is friendly and humble girl. It really nice to know and be her friend.

22: Amy Rashidah

Prefer called her as ' Amy'. I think she love very much Korean drama, movie and group. She is brave girl, because she can talk in higher level in front of the people. Sometimes, she looked very clumsy person, but she is very good in English.

23: Haneefa Mokhtar

Actually, Haneefa is my schoolmate and also my classmate when I in secondary school. But, we can't go together, maybe because we have a different interest. But she still one my good friend. She  is polite, humble and quite person. She always with Amy.

Ok, that all for now. 

Saturday, 25 June 2011

My lovely roommates.

Hey buddies! 
Our next task is given some introduction about our roommates for this semester.

Honestly, every semester I would felt very worried about my future roommates. But what I can say is, every semester I got the best and ever roommates. For this semester, I got a senior and 2 friends which is in same course and same part. Two of them and I are unfamiliar with one another at the moment, but over the month to follow, we shall build a lifelong friendship. As they glances around the room, they already begins to learn much about me through my personal items. OK, this is my opinion, and I don't know whether they are thinking like that or not. 'LOL'

Ok, let's begin!

The is my first roommate and my senior, Nurnadia bt Mohd Haithir. I prefer called her as 'akak'. She is business student in JBM 1114B. She was born 21 February 1991 and lives in Johor Bharu.What I can say about Nurnadia bt Mohd Haithir is, she is small and cute person. She is caring person, because every time I fall in sick, she will take care of me. She always reminds me to eat, sleep early and wake me up in the early of morning. Like Leo F.Buscaqlia says, too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind, a listening ears, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. :)

She is Zulfadhila bt Othman, student Diploma in Information Management. Same part with me, same diploma with me but different class, she is in JIS 1103C. She was born in 5 May 1992. She comes from Keratong 5, Pahang. Not so far from my house, around 45 minute to reach Keratong 5. Actually, I had know her since part 1 from my friend, but we never meet and know each other. We became close through the Facebook, and the most unbelieved things is we get the same room for this semester. It was fun same room with ila, because she is cheerful girl, she love K-POP very much. I noticed that, before she going to sleep, she will watching the K-POP movie and this is her routine very day.

As you all know, she is my bestfriend, Nur Hafini bt Abas. I feel very happy and lucky, because this semester, we get the same room. She was born 17 March 1992 at Penang and now lives in Batu Pahat, Johor. What I can say about Hafini is she always make me happy, make me laugh, sometimes make me so furious to her.Something unique about Hafini is she love very much to sleep late, because of that I be the alarm clock for her in every morning. 'LOL'

I have the best roommates in the world! It creates a fun sense of family, and that's really important to me. Things can get lonely without it. :)